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It will be handled in Japan.

Awabancha-derived plant-derived lactic acid bacteria YM2-2 

Antivirus products with lactic acid bacteria

It is a plant-derived lactic acid bacterium developed in collaboration with Professor Hisako Yasui of the Faculty of Agriculture, Shinshu University and Professor Sanae Okada of Tokyo University of Agriculture. The bacterium was identified as a gram-positive bacillus (1-3 μm), L-pentosas.
The product is a white powder that has been heat-treated (killed bacteria).

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Lactic acid bacterium YM2-2 strain

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Immunostimulatory effect

Humoral immunity IgA production activity and cell-mediated immunity (cytokine) activity can be expected to activate both immune systems. When administered together with a vaccine, it enhances the production of antibodies against antigens including the vaccine, improves the induction of protective immunity, and enhances the effect of the vaccine. At the same time, it also activates cell-mediated immunity, so it is expected that viral infection can be prevented to the same extent as vaccines by just administering lactic acid bacteria without relying on immune enhancement by vaccines. This can be effective against mutated viruses that are difficult for vaccines to work on, and is considered to be extremely useful.

​It will be handled in Japan.

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