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Life & Food Materials Business

Produce "medicine, food, beauty" that enriches life.

In the era of the so-called "100-year lifespan", we would all like to enjoy our lives in good health for a long time. Building on its long experience in working with the phar­maceutical, food, and cosmetics and health food industries, Miyako Kagaku has not only provided new products under the themes of "medicine, food, and beauty" but also has proposed "materials that contribute to our health from inside and outside of the body" to its customers. Furthermore, while it is a trading company, Miyako Kagaku develops new materials in various fields with the cooperation of universities and other research institutes under the principle of "Fabless Manufacturing". We will continue to work in partnership with our custom­ers, from the conceptual design of new products through to finished product development, including packaging ma­terials.

colorful drinks

Business area

Pharmaceuticals, pharmaceutical intermediates cosmetic
Health food Dietary supplement

Packaging materials for pharmaceuticals and various industrial materials

Raw material supply field to food manufacturing format

Environmentally friendly resins and materials


Items handled

Quality improvement for seasonings, sweets, flavors, spices, vegetable proteins, and confectionery bread

Natural emulsifiers, enzyme materials, lactic acid bacteria, processed egg products, dried foods, amino acids

Pharmaceuticals / Pharmaceutical Intermediates, Clinical Laboratory Drugs / Ingredients, Health Foods / Ingredients

Cosmetic raw materials Packaging materials, paper containers, flexible packaging materials, desiccants, oxygen scavengers

Biomass resin and materials, silica gel, synthetic zeolite

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