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Massage from the president

​ Hiroyuki Watanabe


Chief Executive Officer

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Miyako Kagaku began by handling solvents, plasticizers, paint materials, synthetic resins, pharmaceutical raw materials, and various amino acids, and has expanded its business in a wide range of fields including liquid crystal and semiconductor related agents, bioplastics, microbial preparations, food materials, seasonings, and health food materials.


Against the backdrop of energy, resource, and environmental issues, efforts to realize a low-carbon and recycling-oriented society are being promoted on a global scale. In Japan, too, companies face a host of challenges, such as reforms in work styles, measures to cope with the declining birthrate, and diversity. Based on its management philosophy of "contributing to the creation of a safe and comfortable society by providing new value." Miyako Kagaku has positioned environmental products, life sciences, and electronic materials as priority and growth fields, and aims to become a sustainable company by strengthening its efforts to solve social issues and transforming its business portfolio.


Thanks to your support, Miyako Kagaku was able to celebrate the 100th anniversary of its founding in August 2021. Based on the two foundations of our business that we have cultivated over our 100-year history, "ability to respond to changing times" and "trust and confidence of our customers", as a member of the Chori Group, we will comply with social norms and continue to take on the challenge of future-oriented new businesses as a united group of employees even in these unpredictable times, and we ask for your continued support and guidance in future.


                            June 2023

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