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About us


Management Philosophy

By providing new value, we will contribute to creating a safe and comfortable society.

Corporate Slogan

みらいに やさしく こうどうする会社

​Never stop trying


Management policy

  1. Respecting the spirit of harmony, all our staff  will exert our comprehensive strength in an organized manner with strong will and ability of act.

  2. We will provide excellent domestic and  overseas products promptly and stably with accurate information.

  3. We will proactively make proposals to contribute to the business development of our customers, and realize profitable and sustainable growth for ourselves.

  4. We will be sincere, trustworthy, and reliable, and will not pursue buoyancy interests or engage in speculative transactions.

  5. We will be mindful of corporate social responsibilities such as compliance, and build close and good relationships with our stakeholders such as customers, employees, shareholders and society.

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