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radio frequency related business

Towards the realization of Society 5.0, new technologies using radio frequency are being developed one after another, including self-driving cars and 5th/6th generation mobile. While the uses of radio frequency are diversifying, there is an increasing need for environmental improvements and noise countermeasures in line with laws and regulations in terms of safety and management.

1. Our efforts

To meet these needs, we have a variety of materials with electromagnetic properties. Furthermore, because we have a rich track record of processing resin molded products, films, and sheets through many years of resin trading, we are able to provide the electromagnetic wave characteristics required by our customers in a form that meets their needs.

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Electromagnetic waves, UHF-RFID, 5G/6G communications, microwaves, millimeter waves, interference measures, crosstalk measures, noise removal, EMC measures, electromagnetic wave shields, electromagnetic wave absorbers, wireless power transfer, WPT, space-based wireless power transmission systems

2. product

We would like to introduce some of the materials with electromagnetic properties that we handle.


RF shield transparent Film

  • Applied frequency: 300MHz to 10GHz

  • Shield performance: 20~40㏈

  • Transparency: 60-80%


Manufacturer track record:Paste on partitions to prevent interference when using indoor wireless systems. (920MHz band)

*Actual shielding performance is not guaranteed.

*We undertake electromagnetic wave measurements before and after construction.

3. Space-based Wireless Power Transmission/Transfer system

A space-based wireless power transmission system is a system that transmits power by transmitting and receiving radio frequency, mainly using microwaves, and can supply power over longer distances than other wireless power transmission methods. Applications are attracting attention for powering sensor devices in factories and electronic shelf labels in stores, and the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications is currently actively working on legislation and technology for practical use.             

Under these circumstances, our company has joined the "Wireless Power Transfer Consortium for Practical Applications (commonly called WiPoT)", which is a forum for discussion and consideration where experts from companies, universities, etc. It is working.

[WiPoT homepage]

​It will be handled in Japan.

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