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Industrial materials business

The potential of excellent materials,
To make the most of it.

Architectural structures like infrastructures and buildings offer us a space for a safe and pleasant living. The Indus­trial Materials Business of Miyako Kagaku has been con­tributing to making an environment pleasant for lifestyle through a steady supply of construction materials such as many types of water-proof materials, plastic and function­al chemical materials. We strive to enforce our supply sys­tems so we can further nurture the trust we have gained in the past.

Print processing

Business area

Synthetic resin raw materials and additives
Synthetic resin molding process
Synthetic resin crushing
Synthetic resin coloring, adding functionality

Strengths of the industrial materials business

Design and proposal of synthetic resin molded products

We plan and propose a wide variety of molded products such as inflation, blow, injection, and extrusion.

Initiatives for environmentally friendly products

Handling of thinning, biodegradable resins, volume-reducing containers, environment-friendly inorganic pigments, etc.

Synthetic resin consignment crushing

We plan and propose crushing of various synthetic resin raw materials. Even for products that are difficult to crush, we will propose a special crushing method that meets your needs.

biodegradable plastic

Thermoplastic elastomer

Introducing styrene-based elastomers from Taiwan Wadai Co., Ltd.

​3D printer contract service

Introducing styrene-based elastomers from Taiwan Wadai Co., Ltd.

radio frequency related business

We have a variety of materials with electromagnetic properties. We can provide the radio frequency characteristics you need in a format that meets your needs.

printing ink

Business area

Plastic container
the film
Paper container
Building materials
Home appliances

Coloring material

Synthetic resin    additive

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