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Industrial materials business

It will be handled in Japan.

Biodegradable plastic

1.Definition of bioplastic

◎ Bioplastics・・・A general term for biomass plastics and biodegradable plastics.

◎ Biomass plastic・ ・ ・ Plastic material that uses renewable organic resources such as plants as raw materials

◎ Biodegradable plastic・・・In addition to its function and physical properties as a plastic, it is decomposed by the action of microorganisms that are abundant in nature under certain conditions, and eventually changes to carbon dioxide and water. Plastic with the property to

2.​Products handled

①Import destination:China

Sales: Approximately 50 billion yen (2018)

Production capacity: PBAT / PBS 70,000 tons / year

Increased to 130,000 tons / year by 2021 (2 lines added)

* There is a new design drawing of 240,000 tons, and we are currently applying.

Main products: PBAT, PBS, PBT, PET, PVC, TPEE

Since 1.4-BG (BDO) of PBAT / PBS is manufactured by ourselves and adipic acid / terephthalic acid is procured from a Chinese domestic company, stable production is possible.


PBAT (Polybutylene Adipate Telephthalate)

Ingredients: BDO (1.4-BG), terephthalic acid, adipic acid

Petroleum-derived biodegradable aromatic polyester (hydrolyzable)

PBS (polybutylene succinate)

Ingredients: BDO (1.4-BG), succinic acid

Petroleum-derived biodegradable aliphatic polyester (hydrolyzable type)


3.Biodegradable plastic decomposition test

Date: January 16, 2021 ~, Location: Sumida-ku, Tokyo, Film: PBAT film (70μ)
Decomposition test.png

​It will be handled in Japan.

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