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Industrial materials business

​3D printing contract service

1. Instant quote

​ Instant estimates available using Miyako Kagaku unique platform.

2.​Problem solving example

① Molding of injection molded product protruding corner cap

Assignment: The product was discontinued due to the small lot size, and the cost of manufacturing the mold was high, leading to supply concerns.

Solution: We were able to select the most suitable material from various 3D printers, paint the model with the same physical properties, and deliver it.

​Injection molded products

3D modeled product

Finished product after painting

Injection molded product.jpg


3D modeled product.jpg


Finished product after painting.jpg

② Molding of injection molded thin cap

Assignment: A prototype mold was made, but the thin parts could not be molded properly and had to be remade.

Solution: By checking the prototype in advance using 3D printing, we were able to create a highly accurate prototype mold.


​Providing ISO9001/ISO14001 certified factory products

​It will be handled in Japan.

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