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Declaration of health

Recognizing that each employee is an irreplaceable and most important management resource, Miyako Kagaku declares the promotion of health management as follows.

1. Health consciousness
Miyako Kagaku considers that the health of employees and their families is an important management issue, and that the vitality of employees is the vitality of the company, and strives to raise employee health awareness.


2. Action for health management
Miyako Kagaku actively supports and promotes efforts to maintain and improve the health of employees and their families, aiming to realize healthy management.


3. Responsibility for society and the future
Miyako Kagaku aims to contribute to society and realize sustainable growth through sound corporate management by healthy employees.

Health management promotion system

Under the promotion of health management of the Chori Group, Miyako Kagaku has established the "Health Management Promotion Committee" chaired by the officer in charge of the management department in order to formulate a health declaration and work to maintain and improve the health of employees. The department, Chori Health Insurance Society, and Health and Safety Committee are working together on various activities to promote health management.

The Health Management Promotion Committee analyzes the results of health examinations and lifestyles of employees working at Miyako Kagaku, extracts health issues, and implements promotion activities.

Health issues and measures

Miyako Kagaku is collaborating with the Chori Health Insurance Society to continuously work on the following five health issues.

1. Improving the rate of health checkups for employees and their families

2. Efforts for subjects at risk of aggravation of lifestyle-related diseases

3, early detection and treatment of cancer

4, promotion of proper drinking

5, promotion of smoking cessation and smoke reduction

[Example of efforts]

① Enhancement of health examination contents

Employees over the age of 30 and 35 go to the half-day dock, which the company pays for, every year.

We thoroughly encourage non-examined people to receive medical examinations so that the medical examination rate will be 100%.

② Efforts to promote family health checkups

We subsidize health examination costs for spouses over the age of 35.

We encourage non-examined patients to undergo individual consultations to improve the consultation rate.

③ Smoking cessation support system

Regardless of the success or failure of smoking cessation, we fully subsidize the medical expenses required for smoking cessation outpatients and support smoking cessation.

[Other initiatives]

Efforts to manage working hours and take vacations

We comply with 36 agreements, reduce long working hours, and ensure proper management of working hours.

In addition to the legal annual paid leave, seasonal leave (5 days a year) and special leave (continuous) as a reward for long-term employees, in order to maintain and improve health and work in better physical and mental conditions. 5 days) is institutionalized.

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