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Chemical products business

Contributing to society through chemistry.

Chemical products are indispensable to today's society. Looking around us, it is hard to find anything that is com­pletely unrelated to chemicals. The Chemicals Business of Miyako Kagaku sells various products, such as solvents, raw materials for resins, and resin additives in such fields as paint, ink, medicine, electronic materials, and:fine chemicals. In cooperation with our affiliated companies, we also proactively promote development of and contract­ed businesses for new materials as well as environ­ment-related businesses. We accomplish this by quickly sensing the trends of our time and social needs to support industrial development.

chemical plant

Business area

Paint / ink field 
Resin raw material field
Electronic materials field
Pharmaceutical raw material field
Cosmetics / toiletry raw materials field
Auto chemical field, etc.

Strengths of chemical products business

Providing chemical products in a wide range of fields

We have accumulated achievements in various industrial fields such as chemistry, pharmaceuticals, foods, and IT, and we also provide various chemical products to a wide range of fields regardless of the field.

Supporting customers with reliable technology

We exchange technology and information closely with manufacturers inside and outside the group, and we will support our customers with reliable technology.

Practice of fabless manufacturing

We are practicing the spirit of "Fabless Manufacturing" since our founding, through alliances with highly reliable contractors such as contract businesses.

Excess sludge decomposing bacteria

It decomposes sludge generated in wastewater treatment and reduces excess sludge.

Car body paint (green)

Items handled

High purity solvent
Resin raw material





Other organic and inorganic chemicals

Glycol ether

Organic acid


Activated carbon

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