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Painting work business

In a wide range of painting work fields
Demonstrate reliable and reliable technology.

The Painting division in Miyako Kagaku covers paint works for general paintings as well as specialized areas such as heat-resistance/rust-proofing. We have been responding to various needs of the paint industry not only for different types of petrochemical complexes in Yokkaichi and Chiba, but also electric/gas related plants, bridges, footbridges and general buildings. In future, we will make significant footprints in a wide range of construction areas, proving a highly reliable and secure technology.

road bridge

Business area

Bridges, pedestrian bridges
Petroleum refining plant, petroleum-related chemical plant
LNG terminal, LPG base
General building

gas factory worker

Strengths of the construction department

Anti-corrosion coating work
Heavy corrosion protection painting work
Heat and cold resistant painting work

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